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What is a young carer?

A young carer is defined in section 96 of the Children and Families Act 2014 as: ‘A person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care for another person of any age. That can be a parent or sibling, grandparent or friend. It can include help for physical or mental illness, frailty in old age, a disability or because of substance misuse.’

Every school (indeed every classroom) has pupils affected by disability and illness in the family. A ‘young carer’ is a young person who provides care to a member of the family or a friend who has one, or a combination, of the following conditions:

• a physical or learning disability.

• a sensory impairment

• a chronic condition

• a terminal illness

• a mental health problem or illness

• a drug or alcohol addiction

One in twelve children and teenagers are looking after someone - but many are too embarrassed or afraid to come forward to ask for help, or, having been a carer for so long, they haven't recognised what they do.

Half of all young carers provide up to 10 hours of care a week, while many others are caring for more than 50 hours a week. It’s not surprising that young carers often struggle to fit in other activities like school work, playing sport or meeting up with friends.

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Is your child a young carer?

Young carers look after family members or friends, living in the same house or elsewhere. 

'Care' may include:

• Domestic tasks (e.g. regular/daily, cooking, cleaning, shopping)

• Personal care (e.g. helping with mobility, washing, dressing, giving medicine)

• Emotional support and supervision (e.g. watching over someone, providing company and a ‘listening ear’)

• Sibling care: Looking after an ill or disabled sibling (or a non-disabled sibling where an ill or disabled parent is unable to provide this care)

• Financial management: (e.g. helping with budgeting, paying bills)

• Self-care: Looking after themselves, where an ill or disabled parent is unable to provide this care

• Communication support (e.g. interpreting, answering phone or door)

How can Surrey Young Carers help?

  • Giving your child information, advice and guidance - in person, online, and in print
  • Giving your child someone to talk to
  • Talking to others on behalf of your child, to support your child as a carer
  • Providing activities for 'downtime', fun, and a chance for your child to talk to others and make new friends
  • Supporting your child with problems at school or college, or in making plans for the future

How to get in touch

Telephone 01483 568269
Website  - to access the SYC referral form.


How the school can help
We can help you complete a Young Carer assessment form for the referral to Surrey Young Carers.  Contact Laura Merrick (HSLW) via the school office or email: