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St Mary’s C of E Primary School

We are a 'good' school - Ofsted Mar 2019 and 'outstanding' - SIAMS Feb 2016


Mrs J Chambers

Deputy Headteacher

 Mrs T Harding

Assistant Headteacher

 Miss R Booth

Nursery (Moles)

Miss G McNamara (Class Teacher)


Mrs T Bateman (Nursery Assistant)


Mrs J Brewer (Nursery Assistant)


Mrs M Garner (Nursery Assistant)


Mrs S Hudson (Nursery Assistant)


Mrs D Taylor-Sahal (Nursery Assistant)

Reception (Hedgehogs)

Mrs J Hannant (Class Teacher)


Mrs C King (Teaching Assistant)


Miss F Madden (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs N Swaddle (Teaching Assistant)

Reception (Rabbits)

Miss C Farrelly (Class Teacher)


Miss J Lovell (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 (Cheetahs)

Mrs L Townson (Class Teacher)


Mrs D Gibbons (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 (Panthers)

Mr A Gubb (Class Teacher)


Miss H Munro (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2 (Lions)

Miss G Toogood (Class Teacher)


Mrs R Grenander (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2 (Tigers)

Mrs S O'Connor (Class Teacher)


Mrs K Platt (Teaching Assistant)


Miss A Boutell (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs S Chadburn (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 (Pandas)

Mr J Guest (Class Teacher)


Miss S Barnes (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 (Polar Bears)

Miss L Robertson (Class Teacher)


Miss V Houghton (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs A Tomlinson (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4 (Elephants)

Mrs K Robinson (Class Teacher)


Mrs M Greenwood (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs H Mattingly (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4 (Hippos)

Mr T Baddock (Class Teacher)


Mrs C Workman (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs H Ratcliff (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5 (Giraffes)

Mrs K Randall (Class Teacher)


Mrs J Broad (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5 (Kangaroos)

Miss F O'Brien (Class Teacher)


Mrs E Clark (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs S Cutts (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6 (Chimps)

Miss R Booth (Class Teacher)


Miss D Sher (SCITT Student)


Miss E Lattimore (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6 (Lemurs)

Miss C Roberts (Class Teacher)


Mrs H Suarez-Holden (Teaching Assistant)

Cover Teacher

Mrs G Barnes


Ms S Gorton

SEND Administration Assistant

Mrs K Taylor

Home School Link Worker

Mrs L Merrick

Nurture Liaison Lead

Mrs T Mitchell

Nurture Group

Mrs H Burley


Mrs L Harber / Miss S Barnes

School Business Manager

Mrs K Creedon

Finance Officer

Mrs K Silver

Admissions Officer / Secretarial Support

Mrs S O'Rourke

School Secretaries

Mrs N King


Mrs S Eve


Mr D Campbell

Catering Manager

Mrs T Hards

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Herridge


Ms L Payne


Ms H Soukeur

Midday Supervisors

Miss S Barnes


Miss A Boutell


Mrs H Burley


Mrs S Chadburn


Mrs E Clark


Mrs D Gibbons


Mrs M Greenwood


Mrs R Grenander


Miss V Houghton


Mrs C King


Miss H Munro


Miss E Lattimore


Miss J Lovell


Mrs K Platt (Senior MDS)


Mrs H Suarez


Miss G Toogood


Mrs C Workman

The Hive Manager

Mrs N Bold

The Hive Deputy Manager

Mrs D Gibbons

The Hive Playworkers

Miss J Lovell


Mrs S O'Rourke


Mrs K Platt


Mrs C Wilby