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St Mary’s C of E Primary School

‘Learning for Life’


We aim for all our children to be inspired and curious about the world around them so that they can have the courage to form scientific opinions and ask questions of their own. They will develop their ability to use scientific skills to apply their knowledge to key scientific concepts and to the world around them allowing them to reach their full potential.


Our curriculum, which covers the objectives set out in the National Curriculum, outlines progression of the core knowledge and working scientifically skills which the children will be taught in Science. In each unit, they have a key question to focus on e.g. ‘How does our circulatory system work?’. The children complete a given task for them to showcase what they already know about the topic and to highlight any gaps in their learning which is used to inform planning. Throughout the unit, the children focus on a working scientifically skill in which they can investigate core knowledge through each lesson. Each unit has a story which introduces the scientific concepts and Maths is applied throughout each unit. Links between units are made and knowledge and concepts are deliberately returned to throughout a pupil’s time at school, to promote remembering through hands on activities and retrieval practise building a deeper understanding of science.