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St Mary’s C of E Primary School

‘Learning for Life’


At St. Mary’s C of E Primary School, we understand the importance of delivering a curriculum which provides children with the mathematical skills and knowledge to reach their full potential in their school lives and beyond.

Our aims are to:

  • Allow all children to show their understanding using concrete, pictorial and abstract forms.
  • Provide opportunities for all children to secure mathematical facts and fluency – including multiplication tables and number bonds.
  • Give all children a sustained level of challenge through fluency, reasoning and problem-solving activities.
  • Ensure all children are able to apply their mathematical understanding to other subjects in the curriculum and the wider world.
  • Instil resilience in children by developing mathematicians who are not afraid to take risks.
  • Encourage all children to take pride in the presentation of their work.
  • Incorporate regular assessment to ensure each child’s needs are met to reach their full potential.


At St. Mary’s C of E Primary School, we follow the White Rose scheme of learning in Years 1-6 (Reception follow the NCETM Mastering Number programme). This is then tailored for the needs of individual classes. The White Rose scheme of learning uses ‘small steps’ to break down the teaching sequence into small, achievable steps.

As part of the White Rose scheme, we undertake pre and post topic assessments to allow teachers to adapt the learning to meet the needs of all children – using the previous Year’s topic assessments as a pre-assessment to highlight any gaps in knowledge. Targeted interventions and support can be put in place to ensure gaps in understanding are reduced. On top of this, termly NFER assessments are used to track children’s progress and set individual targets.

In lessons, we ensure all children have access to additional scaffolding and support when required. Further to that, there is always the opportunity to access challenges to deepen children’s understanding.

We embed children’s factual fluency and number sense through:

  • Additional NCETM Mastering Number sessions in KS1.
  • Encouraging the use of online platforms (Times Table Rockstars and Numbots) which every child has an individual login for.
  • Daily recall or arithmetic sessions at the start of every Maths lesson.
  • Additional weekly mixed arithmetic application practise in Key Stage 2

Useful Websites: 

(Please note that these websites are created by third party companies, therefore we cannot take creative credit or responsibility for the content on these pages.)

Times Table Rock Stars - (Year 1 – 6 children all have logins)

NumBots - (Year 1 – 6 children all have logins)

Maths Games - (Hit the Button is particularly good for recall of facts)