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St Mary’s C of E Primary School

‘Learning for Life’


We aim for all children to be inspired and curious about the past so that they form opinions and ask questions of their own as they develop their ability to use enquiry skills to critically analyse historical sources.  The intent is for all children to develop a coherent and chronological knowledge of the past and to develop an understanding of how the history of Britain and the wider world has impacted and led to the world we live in today.


Our curriculum, which covers the objectives set out in the National Curriculum, outlines the core knowledge which the children will be taught in History each term. It also outlines a clear progression in enquiry skills. In each unit, they have a key question to focus on e.g. ‘Who was the most powerful leader?’ The children complete a given task for them to showcase what they already know about the topic and to highlight any gaps in their learning which is used to inform planning. Throughout the unit, the children use a range of sources from artefacts to photos to investigate their key question and enquire as to what it was like in each era. This supports them in understanding how Britain developed and changed through time leading us to where we are today.  There are also units which investigate what was happening in the wider world. Links between units are made and knowledge and concepts are deliberately returned to throughout a pupil’s time at school, to promote remembering through retrieval practise and to build a deeper understanding of each of Britain’s eras.