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St Mary’s C of E Primary School

We are a 'good' school - Ofsted Jan 2015 and 'outstanding' - SIAMS Feb 2016

Stopping to reflect on the progression that February brought with it has also highlighted how quickly this year already seems to be flying by!

A new month brings a new value that plays the focus of our learning, both inside and outside of the classroom; February’s were compassion and forgiveness. We tied this into our PSHE topic of bullying and tried to understand where both compassion and forgiveness fit into a situation in which someone is being bullied. We then got into groups and acted out some role play scenarios, whereby we had to put ourselves into the shoes of someone else to understand just how hurtful bullying can be.

We have all loved our How to Train Your Dragon topic and it has provided us with so many fantastic learning opportunities. We brought it to a close by getting our hands messy and making some jewel encrusted clay dragons!

In our maths, we have had a big push on counting up in groups of 2s, 5s and 10s as an introduction to early multiplication. I have been trying to make this as fun as possible by including lots of games in our lessons, such as which pair can correctly order a series of number cards the fastest. The children love the friendly competition and it has been a great opportunity for them to work with different people each lesson.

We started off the new half term with a day dedicated to philosophical thinking and ‘looking deeper’ into big questions. The day began with some “would you rather…” questions, which the children were encouraged to answer by justifying with “because…”, to show that they had thought about their choice. We then followed this up by giving the children a ‘BIG question’ to contemplate and discuss, which was “What would make the world a better place?”. The children gave some very thought-provoking and considered responses, such as:

“If everybody had homes then they would all have somewhere to live with their families”

“If we recycle all of our rubbish then the planet won’t be poorly anymore”

“If the rich give some money to the poor then everybody would end up with the same”.

At the end of the day, both Panthers and Cheetahs classes relayed their answers back to each other; it was a real highlight hearing the rich language that most were using to debate their sides of the argument, such as “I agree/disagree with… because…”

The class was bursting with love as we approached Valentine’s Day. We discussed the importance of love and how our love can extend beyond just our families but to our friends and other special people as well! We spent our Friday afternoon revelling in red, pink and purple as we handmade valentines cards for our loved ones and exchanged them at the end of the day!

As we enter March, our new topic, Where the Wild Things Are, will take us on journeys through jungle, desert, tundra and other extreme environments. We’re all very excited to don our explorer hats and see which adventures await us as we move into March!