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St Mary’s C of E Primary School

‘Learning for Life’

Design and Technology (DT)


For all children to be inspired and explore their imagination and creativity when designing and creating products. We want to provide opportunities for children to use their courage to take risks, problem solve, experiment, evaluate and adapt throughout the design process. We hope that children will flourish enabling them to be resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.


Our Design and Technology curriculum, which covers the objectives set out in the National Curriculum, is developed through the ‘Project on a Page’ scheme. It outlines a clear progression in subject knowledge and practical skills of Design and Technology. The children learn the skills and subject knowledge related to food technology, mechanisms, electrical systems, building structures and textiles. Each year group covers three units per year (one per term), which always involves the recording of learning within our St.Mary’s Design and Technology booklets. This ensures clear progression through each unit, following the same design process of ‘Investigate and Evaluate’, ‘Focused Skills Tasks’, ‘Design and Make’ and then ‘Evaluate’. At each stage, the use of Edward De Bono thinking hats are used as they are imperative to ensure that learners are thinking carefully about their design process at each step.