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St Mary’s C of E Primary School

‘Learning for Life’

Anti-Bullying Advice

Bullying is not tolerated at our school and we have a clear policy on how to prevent, identify and respond to bullying behaviour. We work towards a bully-free school through:

Teaching the children:

Christian and British Values

Resilience and well-being

How to develop good behaviour and attitudes for learning - becoming a good St Mary's Learner

What bullying is and what to do if they are being bullied

As well as 

  • Promptly recording, reporting and dealing with any incidents of bullying - including keeping school staff and parents / carers informed;
  • A reward system for good behaviour;
  • Giving out sanctions for unacceptable behaviour.

We use restorative approaches using the following principles:

RESPECT: for everyone by listening to other opinions and learning to value them
RESPONSIBILITY: taking responsibility for your own actions
REPAIR: developing the skills within our school community so that its individual members have the necessary skills to identify solutions that repair harm and ensure behaviours are not repeated

Who to ask for help in school?
If a child feels that they are being bullied or they are concerned about another child, they should speak to any of the school staff as soon as possible.

Please click here to be re-directed to our Policies Page where you can find anti-bullying leaflets for parent and children.

On this page, you can find links to websites which offer other resources and materials related to anti-bullying.

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